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The Leader in Epoxy Floor Coatings and Polished Concrete.

Epoxy Floor Coatings and Polished Concrete are very popular and commonly used in commercial and industrial flooring. At Creative Maintenance Solutions, we specialize in epoxy floor coatings and polished concrete floors for a variety of industries, from commercial kitchens to industrial manufacturing plants, corporate offices, food processing facilities, and more. As one of the leading epoxy floor coating contractors in Wisconsin, our reputation as the leading epoxy flooring contractor precedes us, and we’re proud that we’ve served our customers with top quality flooring solutions since 1989.

As your trusted local partner, we can make your cracked or uneven concrete floor look brand new; increasing durability and delivering unparalleled satisfaction.

Laying the foundation for a clean, safe, and attractive work environment starts with a company you can trust.

As an epoxy floor coating contractor in Wisconsin, Creative Maintenance Solutions CMS offers both commercial epoxy flooring and residential epoxy flooring.

JPCL Award


Concrete Coatings Category


The annual JPCL Prestige Awards program recognizes influential individuals, impactful products on the market and noteworthy projects completed during the past year in the protective and marine coatings industry. The 2022 Top Project Awards highlight specific products involved in notable coating projects across an array of industry sectors, including bridge and highway, water and wastewater, marine, energy production and more.

Concrete & Masonry Restoration LLC (CMR) was awarded the contract for the concrete repair and epoxy coating work. CMR performed the specified surface preparation using high-pressure water jetting to remove all unsound concrete and to achieve surface cleanliness, to remove corrosion from the existing reinforcing steel and appurtenances, and to provide the necessary anchor surface profile for the Series 217 MortarCrete…

Epoxy floor coatings in the Milwaukee area by Creative Maintenance Solutions


Creative Maintenance Solutions CMS has been the premier concrete coating expert providing state-of-the-art floor covering systems to businesses throughout Wisconsin and across the country.


Each project that we encounter has its own set of unique challenges, but we work hand in hand with all of our customers to provide a solution that fits their flooring needs.


Our expert team is dedicated to providing the highest quality services with superior results. Whether you're looking for a showroom look or something unique and stylish, you can count on us to complete the job. Contact us with your request today!

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating is a hard wearing and durable solution for both commercial and industrial flooring. From heavy duty to medium and light duty, we will provide the right epoxy flooring solution for your unique environment.

Urethane Cement Flooring

Urethane cement flooring systems are designed for areas that are subjected to thermal shock and high impact abuse. Urethane cement floors are used in food-processing facilities, commercial kitchens, dish-washing areas, coolers and freezers.

Polished Concrete

At CMS, we offer polished concrete that is gorgeous, safe and environmentally friendly. Polished concrete can vary from a low to high gloss flooring finish that is attained by using special diamond grinding equipment.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Concrete surface preparation for epoxy floor coatings, urethane cement flooring and epoxy sealers with our shot blasting and diamond grinding services.

Concrete Sealer

Many people think of concrete as a highly durable material. While this is true, concrete is also a porous compound that is highly susceptible to staining and water damage which can be prevented with a concrete sealer.

Decorative Concrete

Concrete is one of the most versatile building and paving materials in existence, but for a long time it was limited in terms of style and appearance. In recent years, however, there has been a huge proliferation of new decorative concrete finishes.

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