Now's the Time to get those Garage Floors Epoxy Coated
December 14, 2020


Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors in Milwaukee include Creative Maintenance Solutions (CMS). With winter coming, there's no better way to keep your garage floors clean than epoxy flooring.
Now's the Time to get those Garage Floors Epoxy Coated

Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors in Milwaukee

Looking for garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee?  Creative Maintenance Solutions is here to help.

For the past several years, your commercial and residential garage floors have been getting used, abused, and neglected. Your high-traffic areas get covered in snow, salt, oil, gravel, and dirt. Then it all gets ground into the concrete by heavy vehicle tires, machinery wheels, and even work boots. All this debris makes the concrete pit, crack, and flake. When the floors get washed down with powerful cleaning products, the caustic chemicals can create additional damage.

When cracks appear on your garage floor, it means there may already be significant problems. If ignored, chips and cracks will deepen, widen, and threaten the floor's integrity. This can also ultimately cause accidents, potential trips and falls, and severe injuries. Therefore, it's imperative to have your garage floors attended to immediately, or you may end up having to remove and reinstall an entirely new garage floor. Or worse, you'll be paying Workers’ Comp claims to your employees.

But there's a better answer to your problem instead of spending the time and money to install a brand new floor. Now is the perfect time to get your garage floors epoxy coated. Do it now before the weather gets worse, adding more salt, dirt, and moisture onto your garage floors. Hire the best garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee to apply an epoxy concrete sealer soon.

An epoxy layer can prevent more disintegration, as well as delay the need for a new concrete floor in your garage. This smart decision can save your annual budget significantly.

But first, Creative Maintenance Solutions will answer a few questions.

    What Is An Epoxy Floor Coating?

    An epoxy floor coating is often confused with a painted floor. They may look alike; however, unlike paint, epoxy is a 2-component coating containing resin and hardener. When mixed, the curing process begins with a chemical reaction and the liquid hardens into a solid. Only epoxy has this process and offers more durability and superior strength when compared to other products like conventional paint. Best of all, epoxy floor coatings can be applied much thicker to provide a better layer of protection.

    Depending on a client's needs, garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee offer epoxy floor coatings in various colors, textures, and thicknesses. While it can be used as a simple decorative later, epoxy is also unmatched in its durability in heavily used areas such as garages, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

    The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

    Garage floor epoxy coatings offer numerous benefits:

    Not only do garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee offer epoxy floor coatings that are strong and durable, but the layers are also long-lasting. They can be directly applied to a bare concrete floor or re-applied over existing epoxy coatings. They provide an attractive and high-performance surface for a garage floor and can take constant cleaning, punishing chemical abrasion, heavy traffic, and varying temperature fluctuations. Choose an epoxy coating for your concrete garage floors to have a durable, hard-wearing, and glossy surface for years to come.

    Even better, adding an epoxy coating to a concrete floor offers advantages over many other options like paint, outdoor carpet, linoleum tile, or another thin layer of concrete. Epoxy is seamless and easy to clean; epoxy coatings are chemically resistant and ideal for garage floors. Plus, an epoxy coating needs little maintenance outside of daily or weekly cleaning with mild cleaning products. Adding an epoxy coating to your garage floor is especially beneficial if your location has safety requirements and needs a slip-resistant floor.

    Another advantage is the quick turnaround time the installation of epoxy coatings allows. Experienced professional garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee can apply an epoxy floor coating in just one or two days, depending on the job's size. This reduces the amount of time your garage will need to shut down production and limit the amount of income lost.

    One of the most significant benefits is that epoxy products are 100% solids, with little to no odor and low VOC content. A low VOC – or Volatile Organic Compound – is important for several reasons. The most important is that VOCs can be dangerous because many of them have been linked to cancer. There are chemicals in VOCs, such as methylene chloride and benzene, that are considered carcinogens in a standard gallon of paint.

    Epoxy coatings can be added over either brand new or old floors, and the results will last for many years.

    How Do Epoxy Sealers Work?

    As mentioned earlier, when applied correctly by garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee, an epoxy concrete coating creates a strong, waterproof barrier to protect the concrete floor from cracks, chips, corrosion, freeze-thaw issues, surface damage, and even stains. The epoxy forms an impenetrable layer that prevents liquids, chemicals, and oil from soaking in or penetrating the concrete.

    An epoxy coating can also help to prolong a partly deteriorated garage floor's lifespan by strengthening the concrete's stability and make it look and perform like brand-new.

    Why Should I Epoxy My Garage Floors Now?

    Now is the ideal time to get your garage floors taken care of by a garage floor epoxy contractor in Milwaukee. Here are seven reasons why you should consider getting an epoxy coating done as soon as possible:

    1. Timing is important. Is your company shutting down for the holidays? Do you have fewer employees on certain days? That's the time to have your floors epoxied because there will be a limited amount of production time lost.
    2. Get your floors done before the weather gets worse. An epoxy coating will shield your garage floors from snow, road salt, ice, rocks, etc., that comes with winter weather. Don't let your surfaces go through one more bad season and risk increasing the damage that already exists. An epoxy coating will give your floors a hard, durable layer of protection.
    3. Keep your industrial garage floors stain free. Repair cracks, cover flaws and don't let oil, grease, and chemicals permeate the surface during the toughest time of year.
    4. Keep your employees safe from inhaling dust. Concrete garage floors are dusty, and vehicles and people walking through the area kick it up into the air. As the dust floats around, your employees are likely to inhale it, giving them potential respiratory issues. Keep your garage cleaner and healthier with an epoxy floor. The sooner, the better!
    5. Save money and time on maintenance. An epoxy garage floor is easier to keep clean during the winter months. Road salt, ice, and dirt are a challenge to get off a concrete floor. With a little soap and water, your epoxy coated garage floors will stay looking great. Fewer working hours paid out to maintain the garage is a good thing for your budget and instead, hire one of the garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee.
    6. Wet and snowy garage floors can be very slippery because of their smooth surface. A non-slip additive in the epoxy can eliminate this issue and keep your employees safe.
    7. A durable floor will also improve the value of your garage. Not only is it more attractive, but an epoxied surface tells the potential buyer/leaser that you care about your buildings.

    How to Find Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors in Milwaukee

    You need to hire an experienced professional to coat your garage floors; this is not a do-it-yourself project. So, how do you find one of the best garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee?

    To hire the right contractor for your project, collecting accurate information is essential. Take time to do some research for this important investment. Before hiring a contractor for your business, take these important steps first:

    • Research contractor's backgrounds. Wisconsin requires garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee to be licensed and have laws requiring minimum standards for restorations and repairs. Although contractors are supposed to follow the regulations, not all of them do, unfortunately.

    Ensure the contractor you may hire has all of the required licenses, belongs to a professional organization, or holds any special designations. Their credentials, citations, and awards will give you an insight into their business. Review the contractor’s website because all of this should be listed in a prominent location.

    • Look at reviews online. Read reviews from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, Google, and others. Check with the BBB or the State Attorney General’s office to see if there are any complaints filed against them. If the contractor is a member of the Chamber of Commerce or an industry association, they may be able to give you some information, too.
    • Meet with the contractors. Narrow down the list to just two or three garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee and invite them to come to your garage to assess the project. Their bids should all have the same requirements and specifications. Ask the contractor about their price if it seems unusually low or too high. They may have added or deleted costs or supplies by accident.

    A reputable contractor will give you an honest quote, deliver your project for a reasonable cost, and meet your deadline. Don't even consider them if the contractor won’t or can’t give you a quote with a firm price and timeline.

    • Check their references. Before hiring a contractor, get the names of at least three references with similar sized jobs. Call the customers and ask if everything was to their satisfaction. Was the project on budget and on time? Also, ask if they would hire this flooring contractor again.
    • Get everything in writing. Carefully review all of the contractor's documents. Check their insurance for Workers’ Compensation and Liability, then contact the insurance company to verify they are current. The final contract should include all materials and labor services, start and end dates, warranties, and the total cost.

    The process of finding and hiring the right contractor is time-consuming; however, it’s essential to go through the entire process. It's the best way to ensure your business will have a successful outcome.

    It's important to point out that recently, decorative floor coatings have become trendy in residential homes. In response, the number of flooring contractors that perform this service has grown exponentially. However, many of these new companies do not have the right experience for coating an industrial garage floor. Background for that only comes from having proper training and being in the business for a long time. Before you sign a contract, ask the contractor if they focus on industrial or residential floors.

    Creative Maintenance Solutions (CMS)

    Make your search for the best garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee much easier by simply contacting Creative Maintenance Solutions.

    Creative Maintenance Solutions (CMS) has an outstanding national reputation and offers state-of-the-art flooring solutions to all of their clients. For more than thirty years, their experienced, professional staff follows all concrete safety laws, provides expert flooring resurfacing and epoxy installations, and stays committed to excellent customer service.

    CMS clearly communicates with its clients to determine their exact needs before installing any epoxy coatings. For example, sometimes, a slip-resistant floor is required, but the garage floor owner may forget to mention it. Almost every industrial space has a high risk of slippery floors. CMS offers epoxy floor coatings with slip-resistance in various light-to-coarse finishes and will install them accordingly.

    To meet the ever-evolving business needs of their clients, the CMS professionals offer innovative flooring solutions. They stay up-to-date on new products and guarantee a superior outcome to all their corporate customers who span across the US. CMS specializes in polished concrete floors and epoxy coatings for many industries, from manufacturing plants and commercial kitchens, to retailers, offices, garages, and more.

    Since 1989, CMS has been rated as one of the best garage floor epoxy contractors in Milwaukee and the United States. They have been able to satisfy a variety of clients’ flooring needs, deadlines, and budgets. They lay the foundation for a safer, cleaner, and more productive work environment by consistently offering solutions that stand the test of time.

    Trust CMS to use high-quality floor coatings to make your cracked or uneven concrete industrial garage floors look like new. Get a durable, long-lasting garage floor with their professional flooring solutions and suggestions.

    Creative Maintenance Solutions is happy to pass on their knowledge to help others become more informed. With their simple suggestions and information, you can hire the right contractor to repair your industrial floors.

    Contact Creative Maintenance Solutions for an assessment and free estimate of your concrete garage floor project today.