Concrete Surface Preparation Milwaukee
June 20, 2019


Concrete surface preparation Milwaukee professionals include Creative Maintenance Solutions. The concrete experts at Creative Maintenance Solutions will ensure your concrete substrates are in safe, stable condition before your new floor coating or overlay is applied.
Concrete Surface Preparation Milwaukee
Concrete Preparation

Shot Blasting and Diamond Grinding

You’ve probably spent a large chunk of time planning the revitalization of your concrete substrate. A lot of planning goes into having your facilities flooring redone. The type of floor coating you need, shut down time, and project cost are all details to be worked out.

We’ll be honest - seeing the final finish applied to your floor is the most satisfying part of the process. But don’t jump the gun. Let Creative Maintenance Solutions (CMS) explain why you need professional concrete surface preparation before you apply any coatings or overlays.

Whether you are in an industrial, commercial, residential or institutional setting, establishing a properly prepared concrete surface before resurfacing plain concrete is essential to protect the longevity and durability of your flooring. The texture of your existing concrete directly impacts any resurfacing material or floor coating.

What is Concrete Surface Preparation?

The process of professional concrete surface preparation includes cleaning the substrate surface, removing any existing adhesives and coatings, and leveling the area. Abrasions left on the substrate create a place for new floor coatings to intermingle, forging a strong bond. Skipping this step leads to peeling and premature wear and tear.

Why do you Need a Professional?

If you have an ineffective substrate, you will have a weak coating or sealer. Improper surface preparation hinders the integrity of both the concrete and the topical application. If you're looking for concrete resurfacing Milwaukee contractor, CMS can assure satisfaction guaranteed.

Hiring a professional to prepare your concrete surface saves you time and money. By doing the job right the first time, you avoid the costly hassle of having to reinstall your entire floor if any breakdown occurs.

The methods used during professional concrete surface preparation are the key to securing the longevity of your concrete floor. The professionals at CMS carry out surface preparation through the use of specialized shot blasting and diamond grinding machines. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to get the job done in a timely manner.

Shot blasting cleans and texturizes concrete surfaces simultaneously. Small steel balls are shot at high velocity, removing any soft concrete (laitance) and contamination and stripping old coatings and adhesives. A powerful dust collection system then removes any concrete dust.

Diamond grinding cleans, smooths, and restores the concrete base. Diamond bits remove thin coatings and primes the surface in preparation for thin film applications. Grinding is the slower of these two methods, but it removes any divots with very little dust.

The concrete experts at Creative Maintenance Solutions will ensure your concrete substrates are in safe, stable condition before your new floor coating or overlay is applied. Our goal is for you to sit back, relax and let your flooring work for you for years to come!

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