Why Your Concrete Floors Need a Commercial Pressure Washing Contractor
June 01, 2021


Commercial pressure washing at CMS includes a chemical-free system. The Cyclone TR5500 aids in EPA compliance with eco-friendly technology and allows for deep impact commercial concrete cleaning using only water and heat. The Cyclone TR5500 has a PSI of 3600.
Why Your Concrete Floors Need a Commercial Pressure Washing Contractor
CMR is Sister Company of CMS

Commercial Pressure Washing with Cyclone TR5500 and Cyclone CY5500

Are you thinking about cleaning your commercial concrete flooring? If you answered "yes" to this question, then hiring a commercial pressure washing contractor is a must. Why?

It is crucial to clean concrete with a commercial pressure washer for several reasons. Creating a clean and safe work environment for your customers and staff increases potential sales and reduces employee turnover. The way your company looks impacts everything from new hires and existing clients to shareholders and board members. Cleanliness affects first and lasting impressions, employee morale, and the amount of work done in a given day. 

Power washing or pressure washing concrete flooring also keeps your concrete looking new, from the surface into the deep cracks and crevices that develop over time. Commercial pressure washing and concrete cleaning lifts out any grime, debris, and even mold that a standard hose cleaning simply cannot. Commercial pressure washing is the quickest, most inexpensive way to take your concrete flooring from dark and dingy to bright and fresh.

Our sister company, Concrete & Masonry Restoration, Inc recently introduced our new, environmentally-friendly, effortlessly sustainable commercial concrete cleaning technology. Read on for the benefits of commercial concrete cleaning, the types of equipment we use, how it’s used, and how we can help you!

Increased Flooring Lifetime

Like all things in life, concrete requires care and maintenance to extend the lifetime of the product. Concrete is already a long-lasting flooring option, but it deteriorates much faster if it is not correctly cared for. 

Commercial concrete cleaners should always use a commercial pressure washer with a psi of at least 3600, removing any moss, mold, or mildew that naturally grows on concrete, increasing its longevity. 

While we may see the surface damage or covering, we don’t always see the danger these growths pose for the integrity of the foundation of your concrete. Plant and fungus matter are never just a surface problem. For example, you notice some mold forming in the corner of a room. What you don’t see is the tiny roots and tendrils reaching into the pores and crevices of the slab. If left uncleaned, these roots continue to grow, causing flaking and cracking, breaking down the integrity of the surface of the concrete. These cracks allow salt, oils, and other chemicals to penetrate the concrete surface, exponentially increasing the speed of its breakdown.

Commercial Pressure Washing Promotes a Clean and Safe Work Environment

To maintain a healthy and hygienic environment, regular commercial pressure washing concrete flooring is required. Because of the highly absorbent properties of concrete, oil, dirt, dust, and other airborne pathogens are easily absorbed into your concrete flooring. This results in a hazardous work environment for both your employees and customers. A dirty concrete floor causes many potential health and safety concerns for your building’s guests and you and your coworkers. 

Maintaining a commercial pressure washing schedule keeps everyone safe by removing potential slip and fall hazards like automotive or heavy equipment oil or grimy build-ups from chemicals.

Concrete cleaning eliminates health risks by getting rid of allergens like dirt and pollen that collect on the surface and in the pores of the concrete.

Noteworthy First Impressions Are Achieved with a Commercial Pressure Washing Contractor

This is not the first time or the last time that someone will tell you that first impressions are lasting impressions. In a business setting, this is especially true. When it comes to your clients and customers, the feeling they get from looking around your office, warehouse, shop, and even parking lot says something directly about your company. Lousy first impressions cause prospective employees and customers to lose confidence in you and your business and have the potential to cause you to lose business. The first impression you give will set the tone for your entire working (or non-working) relationship. Yes, that includes your flooring.

Concrete Cleaning Promotes Heightened Employee Morale

That’s right! Commercial concrete cleaning directly links to heightened employee morale and a substantial increase in employee productivity, as they are both indistinguishably connected to the quality of the workspace employees work in every day. In fact, according to recent studies, employees that are content in their work areas are far more likely to be gratified in their jobs. The studies go on to show that not only is job satisfaction higher, but those employees are almost twice as productive as those employees that are unsatisfied with their working environment.

Benefits of Using a Commercial Pressure Washer for Deep Concrete Cleaning

Environmentally Safe

At Creative Maintenance Solutions (CMS), we understand that an essential part of our job is to ensure that our practices are good for the environment. This is why, when purchasing new equipment, our knowledgeable team makes sure that it is environmentally friendly. With each upgrade in apparatus’, we look for a more efficient, greener solution.

The Cyclone brand equipment uses sustainable cleaning technology. Which means that 95% of the water used gets recovered, eliminating dirty water runoff. Any solid waste is also recovered. After it gets separated, the solid waste receives proper treatment in preparation for recycling. Unlike other commercial concrete cleaning equipment, there is no use of an external vacuum or rubber removal, resulting in a clean surface with no standing water, ready to be used almost immediately.

  • 3,600psi @ 5GPM (248bar @ 18.9LPM) / Giant Pump
  • On board multi-filtration system cleans and recycles recovered waste water
  • Chemical free - allows deep impact cleaning with the use of only heat and water
  • Aids in EPA compliance with environmentally friendly technology
  • Single-pass cleaning to remove ground in dirt, heavy build up and surface stains efficiently, without damage to the surface

The Cyclone brand equipment uses sustainable cleaning technology. Which means that 95% of the water used gets recovered, eliminating dirty water runoff. Any solid waste is also recovered. After it gets separated, the solid waste receives proper treatment in preparation for recycling. Unlike other commercial concrete cleaning equipment, there is no use of an external vacuum or rubber removal, resulting in a clean surface with no standing water, ready to be used almost immediately.

EPA Compliant

In recent years, the State and Federal EPA enforcement of proper wash water discharge and pollution has become more strictly enforced than ever before. Heavy fines and citations are issued to any commercial concrete cleaning contractor that is not compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

When it comes to Commercial pressure washing, Creative Maintenance Solution professionals remain at the forefront of environmental compliance, eliminating any non-compliance penalties for ourselves and our customers. We encourage you to learn more about the Environmental Protection Agency and its guidelines on safe pressure washing, dirty water and debris containment, and proper disposal systems by visiting their website here.

Balancing Our Ecosystem

You’re probably wondering, “Well, what happens to the wastewater? It must go somewhere.”

And, you’d be correct. At CMS and CMR, we’re conscientious of the balance of our ecosystem. This is why we retrieve the dirty water from our equipment and store it in tanks. This greywater gets treated and scrubbed of any chemicals, dirt, oil, or debris left behind from the commercial concrete cleaning. Once these substances are completely removed from the water, the now-clean water safely gets recycled while our staff correctly disposes of the pollutants.

We understand that harsh chemicals used by some pressure washer cleaners harm local ecosystems, which is why we only use green systems. The pressure of water alone is powerful enough to get the job done without disrupting our planet. By cleaning and maintaining concrete, the need to replace it becomes irrelevant. This reduces the energy demand, reduces waste, and protects our natural resources.

Positive Results and Customer Experience

Not only is the commercial concrete cleaning at CMS and CMR environmentally safe and EPA compliant because of the equipment we use, our process of cleaning concrete results in a positive customer experience. Because we use the latest technology available in commercial pressure washing equipment, specifically designed to remove grime and debris in one pass along your floor, the time it takes to complete a project is drastically reduced. Customers receive a much faster turnaround time from the beginning of a project until the end. This eliminates the costly, lengthy downtime of waiting for a job to be complete and floors to be dry so work can resume.

Types of Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment

The Cyclone TR5500

We recently announced the purchase of the predominant environmentally conscious outdoor commercial concrete cleaning solution, the

Cyclone TR5500. This mobile trailer-mounted commercial pressure washing unit deep cleans hard surfaces with recovery, meaning it stores any dirty water and debris for collection.

How the Cyclone TR5500 Works

The Cyclone TR5500 holds a state-of-the-art cleaning head with two high-pressure water nozzles. It uses eight turbine blades that rotate at high rates of speed, creating an air and water vortex comparable to a powerful category four cyclone! By creating this vortex of continuous air movement, the surface is scoured, removing any debris. This air movement also flings the wastewater into a recovery tank without the use of a vacuum. The non-vacuum design uses much less water and a shorter run time, which results in lower annual fuel costs and maintenance expenses.

Cyclone TR5500 Commercial Pressure Washer Has a PSI of 3600

The 3,600psi (pounds of pressure per square inch) giant pump pressure washer contains an onboard multi-filtrations system that cleans and recycles any retrieved greywater—the Cyclone TR5500 aids in EPA compliance with this eco-friendly technology. The chemical-free system allows for deep impact commercial concrete cleaning using only water and heat. Its single-pass cleaning provides convenience in removing ground dirt and debris, heavy build-up, and surface stains with no damage to the concrete surface.

Click here to see our Cyclone TR5500 pressure washer unit in action while cleaning the epoxy flooring of the Concrete & Restoration, Inc. shop.

CY5500 Concrete Surface Cleaner

Our ride-on CY5500 surface cleaning machine with highly sustainable cleaning technology minimizes water usage, eliminates chemical use as well as water runoff, and does all of this while still aiding in EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliance.

How the Cyclone CY5500 Works

Because of the porous surface of concrete, it traps cleaning solutions, oil, automotive chemicals, heavy metals, and other unsafe particles for the environment. When commercial concrete cleaning occurs, naturally, these contaminants are released and submerged into the washing water. The eco-friendly Cyclone CY5500 pressure washer eliminates that by instantly reclaiming the polluted water, preventing it from running into storm drains. In turn, this saves our lakes, streams, rivers, and groundwater from the chemicals in the wastewater. As a bonus, surfaces are ready for use in minutes after cleaning.

The CY5500 surface cleaning machine has an enclosed, climate-controlled cab with an adjustable seat control to increase the comfort and safety of our drivers and rear access ladder for accessible cleanout. This ergonomic design coupled with front and rear LED work lights increases visibility for the operator, affirming no spot is missed. The CY5500 vacuum system, like the TR5500, uses no harsh chemicals and its strong 4350psi capability makes for a deep, resilient clean that accommodates any hard surface.

CMS’s Comprehensive Maintenance Program

One of the best benefits of commercial concrete cleaning from Creative Maintenance Solutions is that (through our sister company, CMR) we offer a complete comprehensive maintenance program. Once your commercial concrete cleaning project is complete, we work with you and the building’s structural engineer to provide an extensive inspection. This inspection identifies any potential concrete issue, including potential future caulk and joint repairs. Based on this report, CMR provides an estimate of repairs and, if needed, restores your concrete. For more information about CMR’s maintenance program, visit our website at www.concretemasonryrestoration.com.

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You can trust that Creative Maintenance Solutions is the perfect partner to make your uneven or cracked concrete floors look brand new or to give your flooring a modern, updated appearance. Our flooring solutions add increased durability, and we always deliver unparalleled satisfaction to our customers for a safe, clean, and attractive work environment.

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