Polished Concrete Flooring
April 01, 2019


Polished Concrete Flooring is more popular than ever before. Both in commercial industries and in the residential market, polished concrete is becoming the flooring of choice.
Polished Concrete Flooring

Why is Polished Concrete So Popular?

Whether you're pursuing the perfect floor for your business or your home, choosing the right flooring is a huge decision. For most commercial industries, concrete is the best choice. And, because of this, polished concrete flooring is more popular than ever before. Even architects and designers are recommending polished concrete.

The Concrete Polishing Council has defined polished concrete as; “The act of changing a concrete floor surface, with or without aggregate exposure, until the desired level of a glossy finish is achieved.” Polished concrete has quickly become the hottest trend in both residential and commercial flooring. So, besides being aesthetically pleasing, why is polished concrete so popular?

5 Reasons Polished Concrete is Gaining in Popularity

1. Long-lasting Durability. Polished concrete is exceptionally resilient and does not wear and tear as easy as other flooring options and is very difficult to damage. The strength of polished concrete flooring can withstand heavy equipment as well as heavy foot traffic. Well kept, properly installed polished concrete floors will long outlast any other flooring.

2. Easy Maintenance. Polished concrete requires little maintenance. Daily sweeping is needed to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. Mopping should be done on a weekly basis taking extra care to remove scuffs and smudges. Using a neutral floor cleaner along with a clean, wet mop will remove watermarks and return your floor’s shine. Polished concrete’s stain resistance can be improved by applying topical sealers, however, spills should be removed when they happen.

3. Money Saving. As with all flooring, the cost of polished concrete floors varies widely depending on whether or not there is an existing concrete slab ready for polishing. Installation costs may increase depending on the decorative details requested such as staining and scoring. Don’t let the up-front costs deter you, however. Over the long life of your polished concrete floor is when you save the most – and it will never need to be replaced so long as it is properly maintained. The highly reflective quality of polished concrete floors also helps to reduce lighting costs.

4. Safety. Polished concrete floors are more environmentally friendly as they don’t contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) like most carpets and hardwoods. Its high coefficient of friction can make it non-slippery. Polished concrete also reduces dust mite and allergen problems, and does not support mold growth.

5. Design Options. There are unlimited design options for polished concrete flooring. Custom concrete floor dyes allow you to have any color floor you’d like. If bright colors aren’t for you, concrete stains provide a more subdued hue, preserving the natural look of the concrete. Exposed and fine aggregate gives you a unique look. You can even add decorative engraving or stenciling to your polished concrete surface.

At Creative Maintenance Solutions, we offer polished concrete that is gorgeous, safe and environmentally friendly. We would be happy to walk you through the entire polished concrete process.

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