The Best Flooring for Municipalities
July 05, 2022

The Best Flooring for Municipalities

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The Best Flooring for Municipalities

Municipal Building Floor Coatings

Creative Maintenance Solutions Helps You Choose the Best Floor Coating for Municipalities

When building a new municipal building or renovating an existing structure, one of the most important decisions you will make is the type of flooring to install. A municipal or government building requires flooring that withstands constant and extreme wear and tears. Often, budgets are tight, and the needs are high. The best flooring for municipalities will last for decades under huge stressors from heavy equipment and vehicles, substantial foot traffic, and abrasive materials. Resinous coatings fit government budgets and last longer than other coating options. 

Resinous Floor Coatings

Resinous floor coatings, also known as seamless or epoxy floor coatings, are layered flooring systems poured for aesthetics and performance. These poured systems are the best flooring for municipalities. The layers allow every resinous flooring system to be customized for their specific purpose based on the area they are applied. Resinous floor coatings are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. They provide decorative options to improve the appearance of government buildings.

Types of Municipal Buildings

Fleet Services:

Like all vehicles, municipal vehicles require routine maintenance and repairs. Municipal fleet service facilities provide the space to do so. As in an average auto shop, fleet service facilities constantly flow heavy vehicle traffic, exposure to chemicals from automobiles and abrasive cleaners, and consistent foot traffic. After a time, this continuous stream of activity, in addition to spills, drops, and weight, puts stress on the flooring. Resinous floor coatings provide an extremely durable, spill-resistant platform for you to maintain your fleet without worrying about damage to the floors.

Community Centers:

Community centers often provide a venue to the community for significant events such as weddings, banquets, and fundraising events. These large events bring in heavy foot traffic regularly. Caterers and vendors must have a safe, non-slip floor to prevent slip and fall-related injuries and potential legal ramifications. Epoxy flooring also allows community centers to display an aesthetically artistic base, adding to the decor of community events.


You may be wondering why we’re talking about resinous or epoxy flooring in an outdoor area. It’s important not to overlook park buildings such as restrooms, exhibit halls, public shelters, and concession stands. These high-traffic areas need to be kept up for the public to use. They also require low-maintenance cleaning options that last for years without needing to be replaced. There is more weather exposure for these buildings, meaning they really need extra protection. Epoxy floors present a low-cost option to enhance your park system.

Water Treatment Plants:

Although water treatment plants are not nearly as busy as other city buildings, they still require the same degree of diligence when choosing the best flooring for municipalities. In addition to steady foot traffic, water treatment facilities frequently expose dampness and moisture. This presents an opportunity for bacteria to grow. These facilities also have chemical hazards to consider that are unique to them. For example, sodium chloride, citric acid, chlorine dioxide, and potassium chloride are a few chemicals used in the water treatment process. This means floors must be protected. Resinous flooring systems protect floors from solvents, alkalis, acids, and any other chemical that unprotected floors would absorb. This means there is a significantly reduced risk of deterioration from within your existing floors. Furthermore, it protects all the way down to the soil beneath, contributing to its green factor.

Fire Departments:

When you hear of “heavy equipment,” a fire truck definitely fits the bill. The average fire truck weighs anywhere from 36,000 pounds to 60,000 pounds. In addition to needing a protective coating to withstand this weight, fire departments need chemical and abrasion resistance. Thanks to the composition of chemicals in epoxy, its abrasion resistance is unparalleled by another type of floor coating. Fire departments consist of more than just the garage, though. When choosing the best flooring for municipalities, remember to include areas of the fire department such as the apparatus bay, locker room, fitness area, maintenance room, and kitchen. All of these areas benefit from an epoxy floor coating.

Police Stations:

Police stations require constant cleaning; just ask any of their janitorial staff. From the public coming and going to sanitary expectations, seamless epoxy flooring makes the job easier. Epoxy flooring provides a barrier that prevents contaminants and harmful substances from penetrating the surface. This allows for quick and easy clean-ups, unlike unsealed tile, concrete flooring, or carpeting. Police stations should have epoxy floor coatings in their garages, locker rooms, fitness center, offices, and lock-up areas or cells.

Best Types of Flooring

Now that you know why you need the best flooring for municipalities let’s take a look into the types of flooring and why you should consider it.

Epoxy Flooring: The maximum benefit of epoxy floor coating is its extraordinary strength. Epoxy outdoes the competition when comparing its cost and power, making it an easy choice. It stands up to abrasions, spills, cracks, wear, tear, water, and chemicals.

Urethane Cement Flooring: Like epoxy flooring, urethane cement flooring protects against impact, corrosion, chemicals, and abrasions. It also provides thermal shock resistance, which is beneficial in environments that experience drastic changes in extreme temperatures. Urethane cement mortar gives floors some skid-resistance due to its texture.

Best Flooring Company for Your Municipality

Creative Maintenance Solutions helps you choose the best floor coating for municipalities by assessing your budget and functional needs and anticipating possible situations that may affect your floors. We keep your floors looking and working the way your community expects.

Creative Maintenance Solutions provides guaranteed results for your municipality’s epoxy flooring. From consultation to design to implementation, we understand the needs of your city and its’ buildings and community areas. We know you don’t have downtime to wait for a lengthy installation process, so we get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Like you, public safety and community relations are our priority! Contact Creative Maintenance Solutions today to start your journey to safe, durable flooring.

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