What are Single Broadcast Floors?
July 29, 2019


When it comes to single broadcast floors, hiring an experienced epoxy flooring professional is crucial to the pattern, bonding, overall quality of your single broadcast epoxy floors.
What are Single Broadcast Floors?

Creative Maintenance Solutions Shares Their Expertise

If you’ve been researching ways to make your commercial or industrial floor safer, you’ve probably encountered the term broadcast. By definition, this means to hand-toss a dry-shake color hardener, decorative aggregate, or other dry material in a uniform layer over fresh concrete, overlays, or coatings to add color or traction to flooring.

The application process of single broadcast epoxy floors begins with surface preparation. This is the most important step as it opens the pores of the existing concrete. Surface prep also changes the surface profile to ensure the new epoxy floor with bond efficiently. After existing concrete floors undergo surface preparation, crack or pitted areas are patched and ground smooth. Professionals apply an epoxy primer followed by the floor coating. Crushed aggregate, such as quartz or sand, scattered in one layer directly onto the wet surface constitutes a single broadcast. As the epoxy coating hardens, the aggregate permanently settles into the floor. Installers remove excess aggregate and debris from the surface.

Benefits of Single Broadcast Epoxy Floors

When you think of epoxy, you likely think of a smooth surface. Single broadcast epoxy floors have a texturized surface that yields slip-resistance. In addition, it is resistant to abrasions, scratches, and erosion. With the proper application of single broadcast epoxy flooring, the longevity of your flooring increases by more than a decade.

Single broadcast epoxy floors are hygienic. Cleaning this flooring is easy because liquids cannot penetrate the surface. For this reason, it is impossible for mold and bacteria to grow below the floor coating. It also resists stains from oils and harsh chemicals.

The allure of this flooring system comes from its looks just as much as its functionality. The aggregates add variable textures, depending on the size and shape. Colored flakes dyes provide limitless design options from muted earth tones to bold jewel colors. Company logos and brand colors are just a few of the styles available.

Recommended Applications

Any area that tends to have wet floors would benefit from single broadcast epoxy floors. Common uses include:

Parking Garages
Manufacturing Plants
Retail Stores
Pool Decks
Food Processing Plants
Car Dealerships

Professional Installers

The concrete flooring in your facility showcases your company image. Hiring an experienced epoxy flooring professional is crucial to the pattern, bonding, overall quality of your single broadcast epoxy floors. If you are looking for an epoxy expert, have flooring questions, or would like our opinion on the best flooring option for your building, contact Creative Maintenance Solutions.

Since 1989, Creative Maintenance Solutions has been the premier concrete coating expert. We provide state-of-the-art floor covering systems to businesses throughout the country. Over the years, we have continued to educate ourselves, allowing us to give our customers the latest in flooring solutions. We also offer up to a 3-year warranty on single broadcast floor systems. Our warranty covers material performance and workmanship. With Creative Maintenance Solutions, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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