Urethane Cement Flooring Systems
December 22, 2021

Urethane Cement Flooring Systems

There are a number of reasons for choosing urethane cement flooring. This article discusses some main benefits that you will get from Urethane Cement flooring and why you should go with it.
Urethane Cement Flooring Systems

Urethane Cement Flooring for Your Commercial Flooring Solutions

Why You Should Consider Urethane Cement Flooring for Your Commercial Flooring Solutions

Are you setting up a new restaurant? Are you gearing up to start your own storage freezer?

Well, if you have any plans to establish a place where the floor is going to be under immense pressure, you should understand the fact that common flooring systems will not be of any benefit to you. You should consider urethane cement flooring.

If you simply go with common cement flooring, there will be a lot of complications for you that you will have to sort out.

For example,

  • The cleaning of the place will always be an issue.
  • Even after cleaning up, chances of contamination would always be there.
  • Your floor might even start to deteriorate with the passage of time.

So, it is an obvious case that a normal flooring system just won't work for you in such cases. You would need something special to cater to your needs. So If you are going to establish a place where there will be a lot of pressure on your floor, you need that extra cushion to your floor. That extra cushion will provide stability and strength to flooring and make it good enough to face the music of high thermal shock and potentially high impact abuse.

What Kind of Flooring Solution Should You Go With?

The question now arises that under such conditions, what is your best option?

Well, Urethane Cement Flooring is the way to go if you want to provide that power and stability to your floor.

These flooring systems are typically designed to bear the abuse of the highest impact and still maintain their shape and stability.

If you go with normal flooring systems or plain cement flooring, you will open the doors of a lot of problems for yourself and it's just not worth the trouble.

So, all you need to do is to install Urethane Cement Flooring and relax.

What Is Urethane?

Urethane is mostly used in its liquid form.

It is used as

  • As a coating
  • As an adhesive
  • As a sealant
  • Also used in pesticides as well

What Exactly Is Urethane Cement Flooring?

Urethane cement flooring is a great combination of a few substances.

  1. Modified Urethane
  2. Portland cement
  3. Fine minerals
  4. Water

This brilliant combination makes it a great choice for a flooring system that needs to provide strength and stability.

Urethane cement flooring was originally designed for food and beverage industries to manage the daily wash downs.

Before its installation, the floor used to get deteriorated and was not easy to manage as well. It was also full of bacteria and other microorganisms that were the cause of a lot of diseases.

This combination of Urethane cement flooring came as a lifesaver for the food and beverage industry and it was accepted with open arms because it was the perfect flooring system for such hard conditions.

Why Should You Go With Urethane Cement Flooring?

There are a number of reasons for choosing urethane cement flooring. Let's discuss some main benefits that you will get from Urethane Cement flooring and why you should go with it.

  • The urethane flooring is designed to absorb thermal shock abuse as well as a high-pressure environment.
  • These flooring systems help to maintain a great level of cleanliness on the floor.
  • Chances of contamination are reduced greatly.
  • They can be installed on cement substrates as well and you can't even differentiate between normal flooring and urethane cement flooring.
  • It makes maintaining the floor an easy job.
  • It comes in a lot of variety that is full of different textures.
  • This flooring system is very long-lasting.

What are the Other Options?

There are some other options as well that are used as flooring systems and a lot of people utilize them also.

Out of all those options, the most famous and highly used, and recommended floor system is the traditional Epoxy floor system.

How Is Urethane Flooring System Different From Epoxy Floor system?

Epoxy flooring systems work on a simple basic principle. It involves mixing two liquids together to create a reaction that provides strength and durability.

This reaction that is a result of the mixing two liquids helps to give excellent coating and also helps to give a great sheen to the floor.

However, the working principle of the Urethane flooring system is totally different from the epoxy flooring system.

It involves the usage of mixing of two liquids with common cement and as a result, a solid surface is created that helps to absorb thermal shocks of highest intensity and they also don't either away with time and abuse.

Why Is Urethane Cement Flooring A Better Option?

It has been proved by studies and experiments that Urethane cement flooring gives four times more durability and strength than normal epoxy flooring systems.

That is why you should always go with a much stronger and durable option of Urethane cement flooring.

Benefits Of Urethane Cement Flooring

There are numerous benefits of Urethane cement flooring.

In this article, we will try to cover them all.

Temperature Resistant

Urethane cement flooring is able to bear high as well as low temperatures. It won't wither away in hot or cold weather.

This flooring system can even withstand sudden temperature changes as well.

Mostly, normal flooring systems get cracks in them when they get sudden temperature changes.

Urethane cement flooring is heat resistant as well as moisture insensitive. It means it won't break down under humid or hot conditions.

Thermal Stability

Regarding providing thermal stability to the floor, Urethane Cement Flooring is the best in the business. It acts as a great thermal shock absorber and it does not bend or crack under thermal pressure.

Great Strength

There are very low chances that it will bend or Crack. There have been experiments as well that have proved the fact that it is much stronger than normal flooring systems.

Urethanes that are used in the combination have almost similar properties as cement, hence, they don't wither away easily.

Urethane cement flooring doubles the power and stability of normal cement flooring. This goes to show why you should always go down the route of Urethane cement flooring.

Stylish & Variety

It is available in different styles and colors and helps to decorate the place as well. You will change the outlook of the place altogether once you apply this flooring system to the floor.

Easy To Apply

Urethane cement flooring is self-leveling and can easily be installed.

This system of flooring can even be installed over green concrete and it saves a lot of time.

Low Maintenance & Time Saving

The cost of maintenance is very low and it's going to last for a very long time.

You won't have to worry about Polyurethanetting stains or chemicals on Urethane cement flooring because it doesn't get affected by stains or chemicals in any way.

You can start your routine work pretty soon after applying this flooring system.

These are a few benefits of Urethane cement flooring that show how beneficial it could be for your business and why you should use it if you are setting up an environment where there is going to be a lot of thermal shock to the floor or the floor will have to bear high impact pressure.

Urethane Cement Application Methods

Creative maintenance offers you these three types of polyurethane floor applications to strengthen your floor:

Self-leveling application:

Self-leveling applications only require spreading the cement over a surface and it adjusts its shape itself. The application only requires a few people, but the downside is that it is not as durable as the other two options.

Roller applied:

The experts from our team spread the flooring material through rollers that end up in seamless, water-resistant flooring for the toughest areas.

Trowel applied:

Pour the composite material on the floor and use trowels to spread the material for an excellent finish.

We can take a survey of your floor to see which type of application will work for your floor.

Types of Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane Comfort Floors or highly flexible polyurethane self-leveling floors to be more exact are noise-resistant, comfortable under-the-foot alternatives that come in many colors.

They are Polyurethane in residential as well as commercial environments to give a noiseless, comfortable flooring option to the users.

Given their smooth finish, they are pretty easy to maintain and clean, so there's no question about hygiene.

The Characteristics and Benefits

Smooth, best underfoot, low emission, easy to clean and maintain, hygienic.

Typical uses:

Used in internal spaces that require a clean, and well-maintained look.

Screed is a different polyurethane flooring option. Polyurethane screed differs from Polyurethane Comfort Flooring in that it is most typically utilized in commercial settings including warehouses and the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

A Polyurethane flooring solution has the advantage of being able to handle heavy wear and is resistant to chemical loading and temperature changes. Additionally, Polyurethane screed can be coated with rough aggregate to provide a more slip-resistant flooring surface. However, these floors are made of aromatic polyurethane, which is a low-cost polyurethane that is not UV-resistant, thus any sections exposed to direct sunlight should expect a yellowing effect over time.

Available Variants


UV resistant Polyurethane floors are specifically resistant against UV light, so even on continuous exposure to sunlight, these floors do not lose their color. You will not see the yellowing of the floor even after years.

High Elasticity

For surfaces that are uneven, a more elastic Polyurethane floor is the best option. After the application, the users will not experience noise when they walk.


Best suited for areas that need an aesthetic appeal. However, the beautiful looks do not fade out the durability. These floors are available in many colors.


No seepage, hence no wear and tear.

Preparing the Surface for Application

The first step of the application is to check the substrata thoroughly. To fill the cracks, a primer coat or a scratch coat is done, so that there are no hidden cracks in the final application of flooring.

Now, when the Polyurethane flooring is applied, there are a number of sealer options available in the market to lock everything in place.

These sealers will provide resistance against seepage and damage.

The usual thickness is 2-3mm

In some instances, these Polyurethane floors are also called liquid vinyl floors.

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