What are the Benefits of Urethane Cement Flooring?
June 25, 2021


Urethane cement flooring benefits far outnumber those of other flooring solutions, primarily when used in the food and beverage industry and in industrial settings.
What are the Benefits of Urethane Cement Flooring?

Flooring for Commercial Kitchens, Food Processing Centers, Industrial Settings and More!

What are the urethane cement flooring benefits? In what industry is this type of flooring popular?

Urethane cement flooring uses a combination of Portland cement, distinct aggregate, water, and urethane to create a thermal shock and high impact resistant flooring system commonly used in today's commercial kitchens, food processing centers, and walk-in freezers and coolers.

The original design of urethane cement flooring was explicitly intended for use in the food and beverage industry, although it is now used in commercial and industrial settings just as often. No other flooring solution at the time could withstand the daily high-pressure, temperature variable wash downs of this particular commercial enterprise. These seamless floors offer more protection for temperature-sensitive facilities than any other flooring solution because they minimize the accumulation of bacteria, reducing the risk of contamination, and provide safety features that other flooring can not match. Read on for more urethane cement flooring benefits.

Urethane Cement Flooring Has the Ability to Withstand Extreme Temperatures

If you've ever taken an extremely hot object and quickly exposed it to cold or freezing, you're aware that the reaction to the drastic change in temperature can cause the item to explode. Because the object's outer surface cools very quickly compared to the interior, the volume changes.

The immediate difference in volume between the inner and outer layers results in stress that surpasses the object's strength, producing (often violent) cracks. This sensation is thermal shock.

This phenomenon applies to flooring, as well. When cool, or even room temperature, flooring is exposed to hot temperatures from a grease spill or pressure washer, a bond separation occurs between the cement floor and the floor coating. Weak points in the floor coating crack or buckle, leaving you in need of repairs, or worse, complete replacement.

Basic epoxy floor coverings can not combat such drastic changes in temperature, causing them to fail. However, urethane cement coatings were specifically engineered to contract and expand at a rate that prevents any thermal shock. Concrete experts all agree that resistance to thermal shock is the number one urethane cement flooring benefit!

Urethane Cement is Resistant to Chemicals and Moisture

The second item on our list of urethane cement flooring benefits happens to coincide with our first. The resistance to hazardous chemicals and moisture make this floor coating imperative for any industrial setting, where floors are continuously exposed to both elements.

If your concrete flooring is exposed to chemicals from machinery, cleaning solutions, vapor emissions, or has regular water exposure, the urethane cement floor is right for you!

Urethane Cement Flooring Provides Maximum Durability

Independently, both concrete and polymer urethane are highly durable. But when urethane combines with aggregate and cement, the resulting mixture known as urethane cement provides one of the most stable flooring compounds in today's market.

Urethane cement flooring, double the strength of concrete, gets applied in thicknesses that range from ⅛ inch to ¼ inch. The thickness variation depends entirely on the use of the flooring. In addition to these urethane cement flooring benefits, when applying additional topcoats, this floor becomes skid-resistant and offers extra wear protection.

Urethane Cement Flooring Offers Easy Application and Versatile Installation

Putting in a urethane cement floor does not require demolishing the original flooring substrate. This flooring option is unequaled because the application may occur directly on concrete as a stand-alone structure without applying any primer or topcoat. Better still, the process has multiple ways to be done - with a roller or a trowel.

In addition to its easy application, urethane cement flooring can be installed directly over green concrete. This prevents residual moisture lingering in the concrete from slowing down the application, keeping your installation schedule on time.

Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance

As you can see, the urethane cement flooring benefits far outnumber those of other flooring solutions, primarily when used in the food and beverage industry or industrial settings. But while the installation and protection it offers speak for themselves, the after-application care does as well.

Urethane cement flooring leaves a seamless, smooth surface, making it much easier to clean than rough ones. Most manufacturers offer self-leveling versions of urethane cement flooring that minimize the use of topcoats and don't require any extra grinding.

Urethane cement floors require little maintenance. Flooring should be dry mopped daily using only an industrial dust mop. This removes any debris and dust from the surface. If left un-mopped, the debris can degrade the conductivity of the floor. Weekly maintenance includes wet mopping the floor using a mixture of water and a non-residue alkaline cleanser. Floors need to be allowed to dry completely before use after wet mopping.

Appealing Aesthetic and Decorative Properties

Many businesses need flooring that is as alluring as it is functional. Because urethane cement flooring can be combined with pigments, primers, decorative broadcast media, quartz flake, and other additives, it becomes more pleasant to the eye. In addition to colorful attributes, urethane cement comes in an unlimited array of textures. Industrial facilities and food and beverage companies use these aesthetics, color, and texture to highlight safety features.

Essential Flooring for a Variety of Settings

Commercial: Food Processing Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Breweries, Stadiums
Industrial: Manufacturing, Machining, Warehouses, Production Floors
Institutional: Animal Hospitals, Cafeterias, Schools, Restaurants

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