Concrete Shot Blasting Contractors
January 29, 2022

Concrete Shot Blasting Contractors

If you're looking for shot blasting contractors that can efficiently handle the shot blasting process for your industrial or commercial space, then Creative Maintenance Solutions can be the ideal shot blasting contractor for you.
Concrete Shot Blasting Contractors

The Benefits of Shot Blasting

Creative Maintenance Solutions Concrete Shot Blasting Process

Shot blasting or concrete shot blasting is the process where shot blasting contractors use relevant machinery to remove the surface and other impurities from the concrete surfaces. This method is also used on steel surfaces. The machine used in this process uses a mechanical method that propels abrasive using a centrifugal wheel.

Usually, people that are willing to strengthen or recreate the concrete structure of roads or other surfaces made of concrete hire shot-blasting contractors to perform this task. In this process, steel shots comprising of small steel balls are used at a high velocity to remove the contaminating and soft concrete particles from the robust concrete surface. It is more like a refining, strengthening, and/or improvement process that reveals the mechanical profile of concrete – allowing bonding improvement processes to be conducted easily.

For anyone unfamiliar with how shot blasting contractors work and where this concrete shot blasting process can be utilized, here's a detailed guide on everything you need to know about this powerful process and its benefits.

The Role of Shot Blasting

With professionals using shot blasting machines to remove the surface impurities and soft concrete particles on the surface, it gets easier to bring out the harder and more robust inner structure of metal or concrete. Now usually, old road or constructed floors that are years old can get weak or damaged. To be able to strengthen its structure or rebuild its upper surface, shot blasting contractors help remove the outer surface of concrete or metals before the finishing process is performed. This procedure serves in multiple ways. This includes:

  • For cleaning and descaling the metal or concrete surface and removing the damaged or soft concrete/metal particles from the surface.
  • Adding texture to the surface for enhancing the paint adhesion.
  • Reducing the maintenance costs of the surface massively, thanks to the increased coating life after the shot blasting procedure is performed and final finishing is completed.

Shot Blasting Applications

While it sounds amazing to hire contractors to shot-blast and remove the weak/unwanted concrete surface and bring out the solid infrastructure, you can't just have it done anywhere. In fact, as the name suggests, it is more like a large-scale construction or manufacturing process that is done on larger and more commercial surfaces with more traffic and heavy-scale usage. Some common examples of concrete or metal surfaces where shot blasting procedure is performed include:


As mentioned above, surfaces with a larger amount of traffic and heavy scale usage are considered for shot blasting. Speaking of which, bridges are an ideal example where an ample amount of traffic is found at all times. This consistent traffic and the passing of tons of mid-sized and heavy vehicles tend to cause cracks and cosmetic damage to the bridges after a certain amount of time. This damage, if left unattended, can cause traffic and safety risks on the bridges. Hence, larger projects like such bridges that undergo any major or minor damage caused by traffic or other reasons are handled through concrete scarification. This process first smoothens out the uneven concrete areas, allowing the shot blasting contractors to easily perform this process and make the concrete surface even and clear.

The process of improving the structure of bridges and getting rid of the damages through sot blasting is managed by scarifying the top layer of concrete. To make this possible on bridges, a ride-on machine is used prior to the process of resurfacing the bridge's concrete surface.

Parking Garages:

Another large-scale project where the shot blasting process is used to fix the concrete or metal surface is the parking garages. In relevance to bridges, parking garages of shopping malls or larger buildings tend to carry the weight of tons of mid-weighed and heavier vehicles on a day-to-day basis. This consistent traffic found in the parking garages can also damage the surface of the concrete road of these garages, causing interference in the smooth driving and parking of cars. In addition, with parking garages being in a closed environment, the lack of wind presence in such areas also leads to excessive storage of dirt and debris in the concrete surface with time.

In order to get rid of all this and reassemble the concrete surface in such areas, the process of parking deck membrane removal is performed. This process strips away all the polymer while cleaning and recoating the surface with a waterproofing surface – that brings the parking garages to a new and durable shape. While this process requires a timely consistency every 10-15 years, its cleaning and the robust recoating task can only be efficiently handled after the blasting process is completed. In simpler terms, the shot blasting contractors clear the upper surface of the concrete in the parking garages and make it ready for cleaning and proper durable coating for handling the traffic again.

Steel Industries:

As mentioned earlier, shot blasting is also used to remove the damaged outer surface of the steel. Now since steel is a highly common and widely used item in the manufacturing and production industry globally, it is found as the outer surface of many large-scale products and pieces of machinery. A common example of such larger items made of steel and often used in different large-scale industries can be easily found in the steel industries. In fact, there are tons of companies that work with steel in many ways.

Whether it be ship decks having a steel surface or the automotive engineering and manufacturing industries/companies, the need for metal products and surface improvement for efficient usage of these metal items is much-needed. Hence, shot blasting is the common and most relied-on procedure for removing the imperfections, molds, rusted areas, and old coatings from these steel surfaces at a larger scale. Not to mention the efficiency, clarity, and save time that is offered to the contractors or workers using the shot blasting procedure – making metal surface cleaning and improving more convenient.

Paint & Epoxy Removal:

Lastly, another common example of shot blasting application in large-scale industries is the need for removing epoxy and paint from industrial and commercial spaces. Whether it be commercial areas or industrial buildings that are widely found in every area, society, or country globally – the need for their timely improvement is crucial.

Having that said, when old buildings or sites are improved into new and modified areas or simply underwent the need of maintenance, the paint, and epoxy on their floors is also changed for better and lasting finishing. In such places, the usage of shot blasting by shot blasting contractors makes it easier and faster to remove this paint and epoxy in an efficient way. This not only saves the maintenance cost but also saves time while cleaning and stripping the existing floor of such concrete or steel floors to re-do their outer coat.

Shot Blasting Benefits

Last but not least, we can't possibly talk about a technical and highly professional procedure like shot blasting without mentioning the potential benefits it offers you. As with every professional and large-scale technical procedure come various risks and benefits too. However, shot lasting is more production or industrial maintenance procedure that offers great benefits in the commercial and industrial development areas.

As this process involves steel beads that are shot out of machinery at great velocity, it efficiently helps in blasting off the debris and stains from the surface these beads are shot on. So just how technical and complicated it sounds, it's evident that the cracks, soft concrete, or debris it removes may not be removable through regular cleaning procedures. Additionally, this process also makes large-scale concrete and metal floor cleaning as well as maintaining more time-saving, productive, and efficient.

Some added benefits and ease offered by shot blasting includes:

  • It easily cleans the area and floors with minimal procedures or methods involved.
  • With the usage of recyclable abrasive media during the machine shot blasting machine operation, this process serves as an eco-friendly and safe option that also limits the machinery maintenance and fueling costs.
  • It makes difficult tasks of cleaning and floor system profiling tasks that can't be managed by hand or manual procedures turn easier and manageable.
  • Shot blasting methods can be used on a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, making it smooth and impactful on different surfaces.

Choosing Contractors for Your Shot Blasting Job

If you're looking for professionals that can efficiently handle the shot blasting process for your industrial or commercial space, then Creative Maintenance Solutions can be the ideal shot blasting contractor for you. With the professional contractors here using the reliable and efficient shot blasting method, based on steel shot (small steel balls) usage at a high velocity, they offer guaranteed lasting, safe, and effective outcomes. Besides, when it comes to choosing professionals for a large-scale project involving mechanical methods and heavy machinery – it's always preferable to opt for professionals that know what they're doing, i.e., and can promise satisfying results.

With shot blasting being a common practice that also often causes damage to the inner base or structure of concrete or steel flooring/surfaces, you can't rely on just anyone to handle the job of shot blasting your valuable property. Hence, to make it hassle-free, reliable, and simpler for you - Creative Maintenance Solutions are ready to serve you with efficient performance that you can rely on for a long time!

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