Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Commercial and Industrial Facilities
August 11, 2022

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

The benefits of Epoxy Flooring include increased safety in the workplace, aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and cost savings. The flooring options are endless and can accommodate your needs.
Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Benefits of epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring Can Save Your Business Money!

Before we state all the benefits of epoxy flooring, let us first start this blog by stating that the fundamental objective of any business owner is to run a successful company. While the definition of success means different things to different people, ultimately, it comes down to the bottom line. A company needs profits to succeed.

To accomplish this goal, business owners must weigh their options when making every financial decision, including choosing the best, most cost-effective flooring option for their building.

This includes choosing an effective, long-lasting flooring system. This flooring system must be made of durable, high-quality materials. The flooring should be strong and able to withstand the pressures of your business. Successful business owners understand the benefits of epoxy flooring for commercial and industrial companies. Let's examine them together.

Affordability is one of the Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

When you compare other types of flooring to epoxy flooring solutions, the cost of epoxy per square foot is difficult to match, let alone beat. Part of the affordability of these resinous floors comes from installing them directly on top of your existing floor. Whether your commercial or industrial facility has wood flooring or concrete, epoxy installation costs are significantly lower than the others. Price continues to be one of the biggest and instantly rewarding benefits of epoxy flooring for commercial and industrial use.

Epoxy Flooring Offers The Look of Quality

Commercial and industrial facilities require sustainable flooring, but that flooring should also enhance the aesthetics of your building. Customers need to see what a thriving business looks like, and epoxy flooring does just that. It transforms dull, drab concrete slabs into intricate, stunning flooring. Compared to a typical warehouse floor, epoxy floor coating are bright and inviting. The professional appearance draws people in and showcases your company's excellence. Making a good impression can earn you customers, and that's just one of the benefits of epoxy flooring.

The Decorative Assortment Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

The look of epoxy generally applied to your concrete floor instantly gives your facility a gleaming new look. And that's before any color or fillers are added to change the aesthetic altogether. Epoxy is often used to help with company branding as well as safety. The extensive assortment of available colors adds a decorative element to your concrete flooring.

The smooth, flawless shine adds elegance to your workspace. Work areas can be customized as well. Texture often gets added to provide an extra layer of safety and protection but also adds to the design element of your concrete flooring. Decorative concrete offers a cost-effective way to update dull concrete to improve the atmosphere in your workplace.

Epoxy Flooring Offers Excellent Durability

When we say another one of the benefits of epoxy flooring is durability, we mean that it is strong! Discernibly appreciated for their sturdiness over time, epoxy floor coatings last significantly longer than most other flooring solutions. In fact, the only flooring that lasts longer than epoxy flooring is concrete itself. Even so, concrete still needs to be accurately sealed and maintained to ensure its sustainability. Because epoxy flooring requires a concrete substrate below, the strength is extraordinary. It withstands the pressure of heavy machinery, extensive traffic, drops, spills, and leaks.

Longevity of Epoxy Flooring

In addition to its unmatched durability, epoxy flooring outlasts many other types of concrete flooring. When researching the benefits of epoxy flooring for commercial and industrial use, you'll come across this phrase often, "when properly installed." It is repetitively used when describing the lifespan of epoxy flooring solutions because it's the truth.

Proper epoxy flooring installation increases its longevity and minimizes the opportunity for peels, flakes, and cracks. When properly installed, epoxy flooring lasts up to several decades. This longevity and its extreme durability make epoxy flooring very popular in successful commercial and industrial businesses.

Workplace Safety is a Benefit of Epoxy Flooring

Every business owner wants to create a safe and healthy environment for their employees and visitors. A sometimes overlooked advantage of epoxy flooring is the added safety it provides. Plain epoxy on a concrete floor enhances visibility and protects by reflecting light off the floor. Epoxy flooring offers skid resistance and has non-slip properties that increase the safety of people in your building.

Just like with its appearance, epoxy has safety customizations available. Increasing levels of slip resistance are achieved through a mixture of anti-slip additives and textured coatings. Another of the many benefits of epoxy flooring is its non-toxic properties. No VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or other hazardous fumes will harm you during or after installation.

Epoxy Flooring Offers Protection for Commercial and Industrial Floors

Untreated or unsealed concrete flooring is exposed to moisture, cracking, chemical stains, grease and oil spills, and many other things that can damage or weaken it. But when sealed with an epoxy floor coating, the floors are protected. This is the part where we must remind you of the importance of proper installation. A professional epoxy floor coating installer combined with high-quality epoxy products means reduced cleaning and maintenance costs, especially if you're switching from carpeting, wood, or laminate flooring.

Epoxy Floors are Resistance to Everything

Yes, we said resistance to everything, just about. One common reason people choose to install epoxy flooring in their commercial or industrial environment is the resistance to regularly used items in these facilities. Epoxy flooring resists oil, transmission fluid, and other vehicle fluids, gasoline, bleach, aggressive cleaning solutions, water, mold, mildew, bacteria, germs, and more! This unparalleled resistance is a major one of the benefits of epoxy flooring for commercial and industrial use.

Where to Use Epoxy Flooring

Now that we've gone over most of the significant benefits of epoxy flooring for commercial and industrial environments, let's discuss what that means exactly. What are the commercial and industrial companies? Here are a few examples.

  • Commercial
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Walkways, Corridors, and Hallways
  • Lobbies and Foyers
  • Retail Stores
  • Corporate Offices
  • Showrooms and Exhibition Halls
  • Sporting Arenas and Stadiums
  • Hotels and Conference Centers
  • Greenhouses
  • Museums and Aquariums
  • Gyms and Locker Rooms
  • Restaurants and Markets
  • Car Dealerships
  • Industrial
  • Airports, Aircraft Hangars, and Facilities
  • Police Departments
  • Courthouses and Municipal Buildings
  • Fire Departments
  • Production Floors
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Tool & Die Shops

How to Use Epoxy Flooring in Commercial and Industrial Settings

Earlier in this article, do you remember when we mentioned the phrase "when properly installed"? Well, here it is again. We are not just suggesting that you hire a professional concrete and epoxy flooring installation company because we happen to be one. Any job, large or small, in a commercial or industrial setting requires a professional application. And here's why.

Once in a while, we come across a client with a small epoxy project. This project might be a closet-sized area or a repair or resurfacing project that looks easy to fix. They will ask if this is something they can handle on their own. The answer is and will always be NO! The risk of mistakes is high when you are unskilled in epoxy installation. Those mistakes are often costly to your company.

Use a Professional Epoxy Contractor or You will Void Manufacturer's Warranty

Not to mention that improper installation of epoxy floor coatings often void any manufacturer's warranty on that product and your existing flooring. Manufacturers need to verify certain things to honor your warranty, such as: Did installation occur under the right conditions? What were the temperature and humidity during the application? What was the curing time? Was the appropriate surface preparation completed?

Any of these variables can cause a significant flooring issue that requires extended company downtime, costing your company extra money. As you can imagine, this creates a trickle effect. Extended or unexpected downtime leads to slow or lapsed production. When you can't fulfill your orders or satisfy your customers, the success of your business is in jeopardy. In some cases, improperly installed floors cost you double - once for the poor installation and once again to repair or replace it. Another reason to hire an epoxy flooring company like Creative Maintenance Solutions is for safety. The incorrect installation of epoxy can render it ineffective or inoperable.

One of the most crucial steps in epoxy flooring installation is surface preparation. Surface preparation consists of cleaning and prepping the area. This leaves behind little grooves in the existing concrete, creating abrasions to which the newly applied epoxy will attach and adhere. The bond formed between the concrete substrate and the resinous coating is powerful and long-lasting, unlike that of a floor that is not properly prepared.

We can't discuss the benefits of epoxy flooring for commercial and industrial areas without telling you the benefits of surface preparation. Besides the increased bond strength between the floor and coating, surface preparation removes any contaminants and existing coatings or adhesives on the concrete. The process itself is 95% dust free and eliminates the use of any harsh chemicals.

At Creative Maintenance Solutions, we use two types of surface preparation: shot-blasting and diamond grinding. The shot-blasting process uses small steel balls called steel shot. These balls are shot at the surface at a high velocity, removing soft concrete (laitance) and other contaminants, leaving behind the perfect profile for an improved bond.

We use a powerful dust collection system to clean up the concrete dust. Diamond grinding surface preparation leaves the concrete substrate smooth while it also cleans and abrades. It is best used when you are applying thin sealers and other applications. Unlike shot blasting, diamond grinding removes thin mastics and coatings while simultaneously preparing the concrete surface.

The Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring Professionals

At Creative Maintenance Solutions, we know how tough it is to find a flooring solution that will be cost-effective while also standing the test of time. We understand your need for a flooring solution that resists spills, chemicals, and stains. We also know that there are benefits and disadvantages to every type of flooring. That's why we'd love to help you through the process! Our knowledgeable staff looks forward to explaining the pros and cons of epoxy flooring and breaking down which type of coating is most beneficial to your company. We know every business has different needs. There is a wide variety of epoxy flooring options, from thickness to design, that one is bound to be perfect for you and your bottom line.

More About Creative Maintenance Solutions

Creative Maintenance Solutions, Inc, or CMS, calls Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home. Starting in 1989, we have been the area's leading concrete floor coating expert. We specialize in commercial and industrial epoxy floor coatings. Our state-of-the-art epoxy flooring systems cover businesses throughout the state and are spread across the country. We've earned a nationwide reputation for high-quality concrete and epoxy floor solutions.

We put a strong emphasis on safety at Creative Maintenence Solutions. We hold our professionals to a high safety standard during the entire flooring project - from surface preparation procedures to installation. We take pride in knowing our epoxy floors will make your workplace safer.

As your trusted local concrete flooring partner, we make your cracked, uneven, or damaged concrete look and feel brand new. We lay the foundation for a clean and safe work environment and deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. To speak with our epoxy floor coating team or request an assessment of your concrete project, contact us or call us at 414.540.9500.

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