How to Find the Right Concrete Floor Coating Contractor

Sunday, September 27, 2020
Concrete Floor Coating Contractors

Creative Maintenance Solutions Offers Concrete Coating Solutions for Commercial and Residential Flooring

Time for a concrete floor coating contractor?

All year, most commercial and industrial concrete floors get used and abused. First, high-traffic areas get covered with oil, dirt, salt, snow, etc., from employee work boots, forklifts, trucks, and heavy machinery. The debris is then ground into the concrete's surface from the weight of vehicle tires, making it crack, pit, and peel. 


Finally, the floors are exposed to caustic chemicals from powerful cleaning products. Too soon, the damage is done.

Your business has finally decided to hire a professional concrete floor coating contractor to repair all the deteriorated areas and cover the floor with a protective coating. From a wide variety of coatings, one will be chosen to provide an extra layer of protection to help the floor last significantly longer. This layer will prevent continued weakening and damage, which can ultimately cause accidents and injuries, as well as delay the need for an entirely new cement floor. The decision to hire a concrete coating contractor now, will save you money in the long run!

Now that you've decided to move forward, how do you find the right concrete floor coating contractor? Below will help you make choose the perfect concrete flooring contractor for your company's specific project.


Finding a Good Concrete Floor Coating Company

When it comes to hiring a professional with great experience, should you contact a construction/paving company that installs sidewalks and driveways, or is there another kind of concrete coating contractor to hire? What about a residential versus a commercial contractor? Of course, it's vital that the company you choose charges a reasonable price and installs a high-quality product. The contractor should also be able to complete the project within a fair amount of time. Also, you want them to offer free estimates, so you know what the cost will be.

Where do you find the contractor that will fit your project? Is the contractor, affordable, professional, high-quality, estimate-offering, experienced, and timely concrete floor coating contractor? And how will you know if they offer the services you need?

Accurate information is essential to hire the right company for your project. Research is required for an investment as significant as this. Here are a few steps to take before hiring anyone along with some background information to help.


Concrete Contractors vs. Concrete Floor Coating Contractors

concrete contractor works with concrete through all its stages, from unmixed dry ingredients to its solid and complete finish. They deliver the mixed concrete and ensure it is adequately poured and leveled by an expert craftsman for a smooth and cured surface.


However, a concrete floor coating contractor begins its process once the concrete company is done with its job. A concrete coating specialist helps corporate clients find solutions for a durable finish for their floors. Stains and textures can also be applied to give a more decorative look if the business is interested in that as well.  

It's important to note that decorative floor coatings have recently become a hot trend in residential homes and offices. The number of flooring contractors that perform this service has quickly grown. Not many of these new companies have the experience of repairing and coating industrial floors. That only comes from being in the business for a long time and having the proper training. Be sure to ask if the concrete floor coating contractor focuses on commercial, industrial, institutional or residential flooring. There's a big difference, and you want an the right floor coating expert.


Services Provided by Floor Coating Experts

Now that you know how these two kinds of contractors differ, find out more about what services the flooring experts provide. These professional coating companies work with industrial and commercial businesses to design custom projects with a unique and decorative look. They also offer more functional services by applying durable, long-lasting surfaces to shop and warehouse floors to prevent cracking and deterioration.

Below is a partial list of what most professional concrete floor coating contractors offer. If you need a service not listed, contact the company directly.

In addition to these services, some flooring contractors may coat commerical:

  • Foundations and slabs
  • Commercial Stairways
  • Sidewalks, curbs, and walkways
  • Retail and industrial floors
    • Warehouses
    • Food Processing Plants
    • Manufacturing Plants
    • Industrial Kitchens
    • Production Floors
    • Municipalities
    • Aircraft Facilities and Hangers
    • Airports
  • Concrete driveways, patios, and garage floors


How to Find a Good Concrete Floor Coating Contractor

To hire a reputable concrete floor coating company for your business, here are some critical steps you should take:

  1. Do your due diligence. Laws are requiring minimum standards for all floors and building restorations and repairs. Most states require concrete flooring coating businesses to be licensed. Unfortunately, although contractors should follow the regulations, not all of them do. However, even the most stringent laws can't protect you from delays, unfinished projects, or poor workmanship.  
  2. Look at reviews. Reviews from Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are always good places to start. Check if there are any complaints against the contractor filed with the BBB or the Attorney General's office. 
  3. Verify Licenses and Credentials. Do some preliminary research into the contractor's background. Ensure they have all of the required licenses for your area and if they hold any designations from professional organizations. These awards, citations, and credentials give you an insight into their professionalism and longevity. Look closely at the contractor's website, too. All of this should be listed prominently on their site.
  4. Meet the Contractors. Narrow down the list to two or three contractors. Have them come to your location to assess the project. All bids should be based on the same specifications and requirements. If a contractor's bid seems too low or unusually high, ask them why. They may have added or deleted supplies or labor costs. Ask each contractor how long they believe the job will take and anticipate any delays or problems. Be suspicious if the concrete floor coating contractor doesn't ask any questions of you.
  5.  Ask for a quote. You must protect your business and ensure that you hire a reliable and professional coating expert. A reputable company will give you an honest quote and deliver your project for a reasonable price and on time. If they won't or can't give you a quote with a firm price and a timeline, don't consider them.
  6.  Check References. Get referrals from several contractors' commercial customers. Before selecting a final contractor, get the names of at least three references with similar sized jobs and call them. Ask the customers if everything was completed to their satisfaction and if the project was done on time and on budget. Were they 100% satisfied? Should something have been done differently? Would they recommend this flooring contractor?
  7. Get Everything in Writing.  Review all of the documents that the concrete contractor prepared. Review their certificates of insurance for Liability and Workers Compensation, then contact the insurance company to verify that they are current policies. If required, confirm that the contractor will get a building permit. All services and materials should be included in the project and the total cost in the final proposal. So that everyone knows what is expected, make sure that the deposit and payment schedule is specified. The final contract should list start and completion dates, all warranties, and dispute resolution.

As you can see, the process of finding and hiring the right contractor can be time-consuming. But it's essential to go through the entire process for your business to have a successful final product.


Choose a Floor Coating

As you can see from the above list of services, many kinds of  concrete coatings can be added to a concrete surface. Depending on how the floor is used, what kind of damage there is, and what you want the final product to look like, among other specifications, this will determine what floor coating is best for your project. Here are just a few:

Concrete Floors Can Be Polished

When concrete is damaged and the surface has inconsistencies, the first step is to grind off the uppermost layer's uneven surface. The concrete floor will become a flat plane again that is smooth, usable, and safe by grinding it. Grinding removes imperfections and starts the process to give a fresh look to the floor's surface. It also removes ground-in dirt, oil, grease, and old paint to prepare for a new finish installation, similar to using sandpaper on a rough wood piece before painting or staining. The concrete floor coating process can take up to six passes of diamond polishing pads to give it the desired finish. The client can choose a finish from high gloss to low luster. Most importantly, once the floor is polished, it may not have to get an overlay.


Concrete Overlays

Hiring a professional concrete floor coating contractor to install a concrete overlay is the most economical solution to your flooring problems when just polishing isn't enough. When a concrete floor's excessive flaws such as deep stains, holes, patchwork, and pits still show even after grinding and polishing, an overlay is used. These are used to achieve a surface that is perfectly smooth and seamless and to cover problems. An overlay leaves a beautifully flawless floor after it's installed, and none of the existing floor's imperfections will show. It will have a durable layer to withstand the wear and tear it gets every day.

Concrete overlays can also be specially created to match your company's décor with designs or colors. Contractors can develop overlays to look like stone tiles, swirls, marble slabs, geometric patterns, unique textures, mottled color tones, and more.


More Expertise Needed

Correctly installing a polished concrete overlay needs a professional with a high level of experience and training. After it's been repaired and polished over the entire floor, the overlay is poured and leveled. Once the overlay has set for a minimum of 24 hours, the floor is given a final polish.

But the expert has several options of overlays to choose from. Knowing whether to use an epoxy, acrylic, or water-based product is determined by the professional after discussion with the client. Be sure to ask what product the contractor will use and why they chose it.


Creative Maintenance Solutions 

Make your job of finding the best concrete flooring contractor much easier by choosing Creative Maintenance Solutions!

Creative Maintenance Solutions (CMS) has an excellent national reputation for offering top-quality and state-of-the-art flooring solutions. Their skilled staff adheres to all concrete safety laws, provides expert resurfacing and installations, and has been committed to outstanding customer service for more than thirty years.

The professionals at CMS offer innovative concrete flooring solutions to meet the ever-evolving business needs of their clients. CMS stays up to date on new products and features and guarantees a superior outcome to our residential and corporate customers who span the entire United States. They specialize in coatings and polished concrete floors for a variety of industries, from industrial manufacturing plants and commercial kitchens to food processing facilities, offices, showrooms, and more.

Rated one of the US's best companies for concrete flooring resurfacing, CMS has been able to satisfy various clients' deadlines, budgets, and flooring needs since 1989. They consistently offer solutions that will stand the test of time and lay the foundation for a safer, cleaner, and more productive work environment. Contact CMS today!

Trust CMS to use high-quality floor coatings to make your uneven or cracked concrete floors look better than ever. Their flooring solutions will add increased durability and give a modern, updated look.

Creative Maintenance Solutions is happy to pass on their knowledge to help others become more informed with our simple suggestions and information to hire the right contractor to repair your Commercial concrete floors. Contact Creative Maintenance for an assessment of your concrete project and free estimate today.   

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