Urethane Concrete Flooring VS Epoxy Coatings

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
urethane concrete flooring

Which Floor Coating is Best for You?

If you need a new floor coating for your commercial facility or industrial building the options can seem overwhelming. Research has probably lead you here to the final two - epoxy vs urethane concrete flooring? Both are fantastic options, although they each perform distinct functions. Let us walk you through the advantages of each.



Epoxy floor coating is a two-part, hard wearing system working effectively in both industrial and commercial settings. The durable surface protects your floors from low to heavy traffic. This resin coating is shock-resistant, meaning it protects your floor from the impact associated with heavy machine traffic and direct impact from large load drops.

Additionally, epoxy floor covering is both chemical and water resistant. This resistance prevents water and moisture from seeping into the concrete. Spills, whether water or synthetic, are easily cleaned up. The slip-resistance of epoxy combined with the seamless surface it produces drastically reduces the risk of work-related injuries.


Epoxy can be applied in thicknesses up to ¼” thick depending on the condition of the underlying floor surface and the customer's needs. It can be used to resurface cracks or pitted concrete floors. Epoxy gives your dull concrete floor a glossy aesthetic and increases light reflectivity, making your workplace safer. It also comes is a wide variety of colors allowing you to brand your business right down to the floor.




Urethane concrete floor coating uses two liquids mixed with cement to create a stable surface. This coating was originally created for use in the food industry for two reasons. First, it has extreme resistance to thermal shock, making the drastic temperature changes a non-issue. Secondly, added antimicrobials help kill and prevent the growth of bacteria.


The abrasion resistance this floor coating provides is optimal for use industrial and commercial areas, especially those with a high impact risk. Concrete floors are porous, allowing chemicals to absorb and destroy them. Urethane coatings resist chemicals, preventing concrete deterioration.

Urethane floor coating protects against ultraviolet light and holds color longer. Like epoxy, it is available in a variety of colors and textures. When applied in a clear coat, urethane allows the color or texture of the existing floor to remain exposed.


Which Floor Coating is Best for You?

When deciding on a concrete floor coating, consider the nature of your business before anything else. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon to use both an epoxy floor coating and urethane concrete floor coating. Using this combination together gives you maximum protection, allowing the epoxy to resurface and strengthen the existing concrete and the urethane to seal and reinforce the epoxy coating.

At Creative Maintenance Solutions, we believe every customer has unique needs. We will customize a concrete floor coating plan that will give you the protection, safety and look you desire. Before making a final decision, it is crucial to speak with a floor coating professional to discuss the specific requirements of your flooring. Contact Creative Maintenance Solutions today to request a concrete flooring project assessment.

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